Works in Progress

"Indios* in the News: Viral Tales of Technology, Discovery, and Indigenous Peoples"

*Indios, or Indians, while used by some peoples and social movements to refer to Indigenous, First-Nations, or Aborigianl poeples in the Americas, can also be pejorative. I use it here to draw attention to the stereotypical representations that dominate the pieces included in this project.

The brief Google slides presentaiton was prepared in the Fall 2018 semester for a DH course at the University of Miami. It is an initial step in larger project! In this presentation I consider the representation of indigenous peoples in the age of clickbait links and viral news stories. I use text analysis to consider a small archive of short-form, viral articles from various news outlets to consider their role in maintaning Western imaginaries of indigenous peoples as either "dead" civilizations or distant minoritarian populutions that are to soon dissappear. My critique draws on decolonial theory and media criticsm to consider the shortcomings and vast room for improvement in media representaitons of indigenous populations globally. Please contact me with any opportunities for collaboration or recommendations for future research directions!

Knight Lab StoryMap of Jennine Capó Crucet's "How to Leave Hialieah"

This short project was developed as an example for students to reference for in class assignments using StoryMap by Knight Lab. Using quotes from Capó Crucet's story, images of miami, and geographic cooridnates inspired by the story, I have mapped this short semi-autobiographical tale. I have also workshoped this project in classrooms helping students to map other stories and novels using this excellent DH tool. Let me know if you want me to teach this tool in your language, lit, or media studies classroom!

Digital Narratives of COVID 19

I have only initiated my participation in this project, but I will be translating some resources and working on data visualization in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Web Quest: Un viaje por el Qhapac Ñan

This is an interactive language activity I designed for use in intermediate and advanced level Spanish classes. Designed with many personal photos, memories, and a desire to finish my travels along the Camino de los Incas,ity gets students speaking Spanish and prepares them for international experiences in the classroom. Feel free to try it out in your own class! The site is live and usable.